In Art we work on a Lino reduction print, printing in two different colours onto a white background. We then complete a task based on self-portraiture, this includes both drawing and collaging aspects. We also analyse works made using the media listed above.


"I selected art because I enjoyed art in Year 7 and year 8. We did a range of different things in year 7 and 8 like pottery, lino printing and painting. I had a lot of fun in these years and I knew that it would be the same this year.

This year in art we have been working on Lino reduction printing, it is like lino printing but printing with black and a colour of your choice. I chose the Sydney opera house with fireworks, i cut out what i wanted to be white and then printed with black next i will cut out more and print with my colour which is blue. I am proud of my design so far and can’t wait to see the finished product. 

My favourite part of lino printing is the rolling the ink onto your lino tile and then printing your print. I love the satisfaction of lifting up the paper and revealing your design and all your hard work you put into it.

I have developed patience, as lino printing is a long process of drawing and evaluating your design you need the patience to keep going. 

What I would take away from art is to have an open mindset towards art. This year I created some artworks that I am proud of. I also challenged myself in art and it was great to see that pay off in the end results."


Year 10 Artists use a variety of media including pencil, charcoal, pen and ink and paint to create artworks using the art elements as a framework. Subject matter includes Still Life, Landscape and Portraiture. Students create portraits of people they admire in the style of Artists they like. They work through the Artistic process to develop personal artworks that express their response to issues and interests of their own choice.


In Units 1 and 2 Art we learn how to analyse and interpret  the meanings and messages of artworks from a range of different times and places, looking at the themes of self portraiture and contemporary culture. Students use the artistic process to create a folio and produce artworks responding to areas of their own interest exploring the themes of ‘Who am I?’ and ‘Issues in Contemporary Culture’.


"I chose Art because it has a variety of different experiments with assorted mediums, it also prepares me for future careers that involve art and what basics I am required to know before moving onto the harder levels, such as the creation of our portfolios.​

So far in Art this year we have gone over the basics of Art such as Line, Tone, Shape, Texture, the Colour Wheel and so on. We then moved onto Reverse Charcoal art, where you must colour an entire page in Charcoal and erase parts of it to recreate a black and white scenery. After that, we have moved onto creating an art piece in a different artists style, of a significant person of our choice, which is going to be our assessment this term.

So far my favourite part of the course is the significant person assignment, it allows us to choose our favoured art style, as well as a person of choice, is quite refreshing. As many subjects are known to be restricted to certain ideas and creativity in certain ways. Art is expressive and fun which is what I like most about it.


 New skills I have learnt from this course are about the different mediums of painting with texture. Mixing acrylic paints with a medium called Impasto, which is used to thicken the paint and allow it to dry in chunks, which in my opinion gives your painting a whole new depth.

My biggest take away from Art is to know the rules and learn how to break them, to create masterpieces of your own and to play around and experiment with assorted mediums, colours, compositions and so on."


In Units 3 and 4 Art we refine our visual analysis skills, looking at the theme of the Australian Environment from historical and contemporary perspectives. We explore issues surrounding the portrayal of the female body in art. Students use the artistic process to create a folio and produce artworks responding to their own theme and interests using their own choice of materials and techniques.