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Each year as part of our C.A.T. Week celebrations at Our Lady of Sion College we present five major awards to Visual Arts students who demonstrate excellence within and dedication to their studies.  

The first award presented has been selected by Mr John McInerny and is titled the Social Justice Award, this award is awarded to a Visual Arts student whose work reflects the college’s mission statement and the call to act for change. 

The contrast she depicts of hope and destruction is certainly at the heart of Social Justice issues. On the one hand there is the way things are and on the other is the hope of the way we would like things to be. Her recognition of effects on communities, wildlife, land and people tap into so many principles of Catholic Social Teaching. The stream of water from the eye above the flames seems to suggest that hope will always triumph – the crucial theme/value within Social Justice.

This year’s Social Justice awardee is Mia Egberts.

Screen Shot 2020-10-27 at 5.41.53 pm.png

Each year College Principal Mrs Apostolopoulos selects the recipient of the Principal’s Choice Award, which holds great prestige. When selected this piece Mrs Apostolopoulos commented: This work confronts the viewer and initially prompts them to ask what is going on? I love artwork that asks me to think. The profound message of this piece is nicely and ironically juxtaposed with its beauty. In our effort to create what we perceive as a beautiful or wonderful life, we are sadly destroying the very thing that keeps us alive – creation/the environment. The headless and limbless torso points to the universality of the message – we are all guilty. I appreciate its warning as prompts me to examine my life and the things that I am encouraged to change. Its message is even more profound for me now that I have a grandchild and it’s about protecting the world for him and for future generations.
This year’s Principals choice awardee is Naeve McPadden 

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The Sion Technologies award is awarded to a student who demonstrates an outstanding use of technology, this student has taken on the task of animating her own short clip,
From extensive storyboards, character and set designs in the pre-production process, to the final cut in post-production with rendering and rotoscoping of each frame. She has executed this process with enthusiasm and complete clarity on what she wanted her production to be. This student has used a variety of media technologies to executed her animation music video ‘Vivid’ performed by First Beige. Making for a seamlessly upbeat ‘meet cute’ story between Ani and Percy in a somewhat familiar futuristic urban city.
This year’s Sion Technologies awardee is Vanessa Corigliano 

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The Sion Good Design Award: showcases and celebrates excellence in design and design-led Innovation,
This student has put forth multiple ideas that showcase her understanding and research of her brief. Trials with a variety of Materials, Media and Methods have been used as the student went on to develop her final presentations. The attention to detail within her work and her willingness to overcome any roadblocks to see her finals through to fruition is commendable.

This year’s Sion Good Design Awardee is Anastasia Whitley

Screen Shot 2020-10-27 at 5.42.39 pm.png
Screen Shot 2020-10-27 at 5.42.28 pm.png

Undertaking a Visual Arts subject differs from taking other subject areas, students in these classes are called to be problem solvers, curators, innovators all whilst delivering an authentic message within each of their works, this is an impressive feat for any students who is able to execute the above well. This year we would also like to give to honourable mentions to Vanessa Corigliano and Jasmine Gannon for demonstrating dedication and excellence across three Visual Arts subjects. The standard of both of these students work has been phenomenal, we can’t wait to see what you will go on to achieve. 

The final award presented is the Creative Arts Week Artist Spotlight Award, this is selected by our Visual Arts Staff and is the highest honour bestowed on a work in this year’s gallery. This art piece has taken hours to create and curate on top of the time spent refining the skills used to produced such a striking piece. Further strengthened by it’s corresponding folio this student’s artwork asks the viewer to consider their viewpoint, also thinking also about what they might not be seeing. The work encourages viewers to take the time to see the full picture.
This year it gives me great pleasure to announce the Creative Arts and Technologies Week Artist Spotlight Awardee is Megan Green.

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A huge congratulations to these major awardees and their peers who have all worked extremely hard to complete such amazing works throughout 2020.