What subjects are considered to be Arts or Creative Arts subjects at Our Lady of Sion College?

The Arts subjects are the studies of Art, Drama, Media, Music, Studio Arts and Visual Communication Design.


How many Creative Arts subjects can a Year 9 take?

Two as a maximum (+ Textiles, which is considered to be a technologies subject)


In Year 10 and VCE can students study more than one Creative Arts subject? 

Definitely; in Year 10 students can take up to 6 electives, we offer 5 Creative Art electives so if you wanted to you can do them all (+ Textiles). So pick whichever subjects you enjoy.

Can Year tens take an art subject as an accelerated study, completing Unit 1 & 2 in Year 10?
Yes! Provided they have a recommendation from their current Arts teacher. We have found that students who take on a VCE Arts subject in Year 10 perform well academically.  

- Ideal preparation for one subject.
- Less pressure in one year, with one less Creative Arts subject in Year 12.
- Year 10 is an important year of skill development and exposure to a range of experiences,
without the limitations of the VCE.

- Students who have done Year 10 will have an advantage when going into Year 11.

Can you pick up Year 10 without having done Year 9 of the same class?

Yes, you can

Can you pick up year 11 without having done Years 9 or 10?
Yes, you can, provided you are prepared to work hard to catch up.

Can you pick up year 12 without having done Years 9 or 10 or 11?
Yes, you can. However, it would not be advisable for most students.

In VCE can students study more than one Creative Arts subject?

You can take as many as 5 Arts subjects in VCE, the only compulsory subject in VCE is to take one English based subject. Many students choose Chemistry and Physics, or both Methods and Specialist Maths. For a student who is good at maths and science, this is not too much. It is the same with students who are good at Creative Arts. So if a student takes 1, 2 3 or 5 - we are pretty excited to have them.


Can a student swap into an Arts subject next year if they don’t like one of the classes they are taking?

This is not encouraged. If a student wants to get into a subject it’s important they demonstrate this by putting it towards the top of their preferences.  

I have more questions, whom should I ask?
Feel free to have a chat with our friendly Arts staff or email Miss Borg directly: nborg@sion.catholic.edu.au