Drama at year 9 examines the skills required to effectively present a monologue and a study of Shakespeare leading to a formal performance evening.

Students will learn to analyse their work and professional drama and will attend a professional performance as a class


I chose drama because I have really enjoyed the course in the past years. I love expressing myself through talking and acting so drama is a really fun and interesting subject for me. Drama also is really engaging and you’re not always sitting down so its good because we get to move around and be active and involved in what we’re learning. 

This year in drama so far we’ve been working on monologues and creating our own script from a stimuli. From this stimuli we have been given the creative freedom to create our own monologue and we’re going to be performing it to our classmates. 

My favourite part of the drama course is acting. I love getting up, moving and acting with my classmates. I really enjoy doing improv in class and I love it when everyone engages in the class because its really fun. 

I’ve become a better writer because I understand how emotions are expressed and how they feel. It gives me another side of the story and helps me to make my characters more 3 dimensional. 

My biggest takeaway from drama is that different people will react differently to different situations. No one will ever have the same reaction and thought pattern as you. 


In Year 10 Drama we focus on play-building skills. You will learn about various contemporary practitioners and performance styles. 

Students will create self-devised performance work in both a solo and ensemble setting.  The application of analytical skills when discussing and writing about professional performance work/s will be an important feature of the course.

Also on offer: Art of Theatre a course for students who would prefer not to accelerate in year 10, read more


Year 11 Drama focuses on styles of performance and the conventions that define each style. Students participate in workshops and undertake research.

Australian Identity is examined and expressive skills, performance skills, elements and playmaking techniques are refined.

Professional performances are viewed and analysed in both semesters


I selected drama because it is a fun subject where I can express myself and show confidence and creativity. I enjoy every drama lesson which makes me want to work hard in the subject and try my best. I love acting and performing and drama helps me develop my skills.

We have started writing our own monologues so far this year. We have had time to write and practise our scripts and apply different character voices, work on our movements and try to entertain an audience. They are 4 minutes long and we are practising character changing techniques and applying all the dramatic elements to our performance. 

My favourite part of drama this year has been being able to act and have fun in such a nice class where everyone is supportive. I love how we can work hard and have fun at the same time. I have also loved that we had the chance to write our own scripts.

I have learnt how to engage an audience in a monologue and how to change from different characters effectively by using movement and voice techniques. I have also learnt to be confident and trust myself in my performance.

Drama is a subject that I always look forward to and it has helped me develop so much self-confidence. My biggest take away from drama is that I have learnt to have fun, be creative and be myself in my performances.


In Year 12 Drama students create solo and ensemble works in response to various stimulus pieces.

Units 3 and 4 focus on self-devised performance work. The theory work focuses on the analysis of both your own performances and also professional practitioners performance work/s.